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WHY do American't FOOLS still vote for Republican'ts and Demon-rats?  When will you idiots ever learn?  JFYI Obamination put more Negros in prison than even Bill Clinton!  who put in 10 X more than the Bush criminals! 

Wake up you fools!  Vote for Freedom and less government thugs and prisons Vote Libertarian lets end the fake wars and unconstitutional invasions! Lets end prohibition it don't work. it never has. 

Just like BAR attorneys NASA Fakery and LIES 

Case NOT Dismissed! 

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Wondering why it's raining so much and setting records? Wonder no more with C.D.G.!

ALSO see The 2006 Air Force Weather Modification Act

OWNING The Weather by 2025 (they're ahead of schedule) 

          Your flooded house is a man-made event.  

                      How's that make you feeeeel?

Is it O.K for the Feds to play God, cause drought and ruin 

             crops when they could easily make it rain? 

San Francisco office   415 412 8548

East Bay Berkeley       510 862 8822 


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......."You Dick-Wally" !


P0-lice and prosecutors say you need legislative permission to transport yourself.  We say you don't need anything but the keys.

Find out who is telling the truth here.

Caught "driving' without a "license?"

Call Us!  We know what to do! 

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We swear help to uphold ALL of your Constitutional rights.

But mostly your right to simply be left alone!  

NEVER trust the CORPORATE MEDIA to report on CORPORATE Courts protected by CORPORATELY employed "SwOrN Ossifers!" 

They're ALL traitors "GUARANTEED!" 


YouTube's own CRROW777 on  CHEMTRAILS !

He knows about space NOT God!  Be careful! 

NEW!  LOL  Judge Joe Brown discusses how today's KANGAROO KKKOURTS OPERATE!!  

Air Farce "hero?" finally rats out chemtrails 

    Just like P0-lice they wait till they're out! 


Whensoever the General Government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritave, void, and of no force.  -Thomas Jefferson

Iwas gonna pay it back!  Seriously!  Really I WAS! 

You gotta, believe me, I'm an honorable B.A.R attorney!

21st century homegrown terrorists 

​Enforcement Thugs should read comments 

U,N.-constitutional  Polizea officer VS (C)itizen who knows his rights.

           Find out who wins here.

  1. WHY, you ask Pedie?  Because he could!  He had ZERO fear of being accused of murder.  He got a 2 week paid vacation to boot!  Not one of the pussies at RIP-dee would step forward to make the arrest KNOWING it was murder. smh Don't be drunk in public in Richmond you'll get the death sentence!  RiPDee costs the city too much money.  They're unprofessional clowns who don't even understand their oaths.  We know! We've interviewed many of them.  Not one has known how many amendments are in the constitution  they "swore" to "Defend, Protect & Uphold?"  Good Americans?  What a JOKE! 

Do YOU claim to be true "Christian?" Click below 

Ask any 'Sworn Officer" about the Tenth Amendment,  Certainly the "Sworn Officer" should know all about it because he swore a oath to support and defend the constitution,  If not then it's not a "Sworn Officer!" Fact is the reason we even have "Poliziea" is to enforce Federal Statutes 

and Codes (NOT the law) within the Sovereign  States.  "L.E.O's" think they enforce the law!  This is why the "Poliz" hire buffoons who haven't a clue. Ask the next "Sworn Officer" you see how many Amendments are in the federal or state constitution.  We've asked over 300 and not ONE has known the answer because they don't care about the lives they ruin over victim-less "crimes."  Our theory is unless you've deprived another of life, liberty or property you've done nothing wrong.  This is American Common Law at it's finest   The "Polize" have no constitutional authority to exist and were created under pressure of the Pre-United Nations so AmeriKKKa would be disarmed and enslaved.  This is why these scum are always after your guns and so willing to deprive you of your 2nd amendment rights.  What was wrong with sheriffs and constables as authorized in the constitution? They can be voted out of office unlike the murderous thugs on your local "Polize FORCE!"  They will follow any orders for their high pay. Click below to understand the history of "Poliz" in Amerikkka.  God Bless Us All.  BTW Are you a "Poliz?" Care to debate?  That's what We thought.  ARE COPS CONSTITUTIONAL?

East Bay: (510)-862-8822
SF Peninsula: (415)-412-8548
Hours are usually  12 pm to 8 pm & all lines are closed on Wednesdays

“Silence makes cowards out of the best of men” –Abraham Lincoln 
​”When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty”   -Thomas Jefferson

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