“Silence makes cowards out of the best of men” –Abraham Lincoln 
​”When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty”   -Thomas Jefferson

                                                  Copyright © Case Dismissed Guaranteed.

Q: Why is it so hard to get in touch with you?

A: You're not a client with a contract in hand.
Once on board you will receive the number to the direct line. In addition, We're busy, so keep calling to assure your rights won't be violated in court. 

Q: Will you represent a guilty felon?

A: Yes and No!  If the 'felony' is not about murder, theft or kidnapping then yes We will get that case dismiised!   If it is about something serious We might help.  Not to get them off if they're guilty, but to make certain their rights are upheld and they get a fair sentence. 


Q: What's the difference between a BAR 'approved' attorney and a constitutional criminal defense lawyer?

A1: BAR 'approved' attorneys only promise to defend a small portion of your rights while we promise to help you defend all of them. In addition, we guarantee a case dismissal!  They can't and won't!  We charge less than the fine in many cases.
A2: We are 100% loyal to you. BAR approved attorneys are 100% loyal to the court not you. They would never do anything to point out how the court itself is crooked. They will lose their BAR approval and thus their *B.A.R card meal ticket

The B.A.R. card is NOT a license it's just a Good Old Boys club that has nothing to do with American Law.  Like the Polize it's all extra-constitutional trickery and deception.  Just like legalese, you had better understand it! . 

Q: What are the obligations under the contract?

A:  For CDG to help you get the case dismissed or your money back.
A2: The client is obligated to make their court dates, to make CDG well aware of those dates, to keep CDG apprised of any developments including case dismissal, to not hire a dishonest BAR 'approved' liewer attorney, and of course they will have to say in court "I reserve all of my  rights." If they can say that, we can help you get the case dismissed.

Q: Can you get a dismissal on any case?

A: YES and no, we specialize in cases where nobody has been harmed and the State Incorporated is the complaining party.  Though We can get a murder case dismissed We won't unless you pass Our lie detector testing. We use Our superpowers only for good. 

  C.D.G                        Lawyers 

Q: I have some inside Police knowledge. They told the Police you know some sort of trick to crush the courts.  Is that true ?
A:  Of course that's what they would tell you to explain why We always win and are not the least bit afraid of their badge of dishonor .The "trick' is the Constitution . We don't need any tricks!  We have 50 ways to get any case dismissed using the constitution and the law!   We help you use the LAW to crush the statutes and codes. We had one, nice but ignorant "sworn officer" ask.   "You found another loophole ? !"
He called the Constitution a LOOPHOLE !  
Oy Vey ! That's why they only hire the U.N.-American ones !..............

                We have constitutional answers to statutory problems.

Q:  I've heard that BAR 'approved' attorneys are officers of the court and are more loyal to the court than to their clients. Is this really true?

A: YES 100% true! Ask your BAR approved liewer who they are more loyal to, the court or you. The answer is the court. CDG is loyal only to the Constitution and American Freedom. We disrespect these vile tribunals every chance We get.
(mostly for entertainment!).

Q: What will CDG do in this process?

A: Everything important. We show you how to protect all your rights. We help you create and develop all the applicable paperwork and court documents and have them filed with the proper authorities for you. You sit back and relax.
Together, We will continue to monitor the case closely and react quickly with case winning paper-work, documents, and demands created for your specific situation. We will work very aggressively 'til you obtain a favorable conclusion.

Support  your local SHERIFF instead ! 

Q: Based on the things you claimed,  you seem to be above the law !? Are you ?

A: Nobody is above the law.   We must obey common law and NEVER DEPRIVE ANYONE OF LIFE LIBERTY OR PROPERTY.  We aren't subject to statutes and codes.  Are you?



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What in the world are they spraying ? VIDEO 

Why in the world are they spraying ? VIDEO 

BAR approved attorney judges don't like anyone to know about the FULLY INFORMED JURY ASSOCIATION so go learn about them and your right to be THE judge and jury for anybody because it's your duty to know this  .

"STOP CONVICTING ONE ANOTHER over victimless statutes and codes "


Where are 'Police' when you need them ? 

www.ae911truth.org/  architects and engineers for 911 truth

http://www.pilotsfor911truth.org/     Pilots for 911 truth 

http://www.mo911truth.org/   Military officers for 911 truth 

http://911marines.org/   MARINES 4 911 truth

Learn about the 10th amendment here

On YouTube click here 


"Anyone who would trade a grain of freedom for a pound of safety, deserves neither freedom or safety."  
-Benji Franklin

"Liberty works best."
-Ron Paul

" If knowledge is a weapon. We intend to formidably arm you for guaranteed victory."

"We don't give legal advice, We only give lawful opinion."

"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they don't want to hear."

"If you expect to be ignorant and free, then you expect what can never be."

"No nation can preserve freedom in the face of continual warfare, such as war on drugs. We believe drugs are wrong but will help you defend your right to pursue happiness any way you see fit."

"When you are accepted for consideration by CDG, We'll show you how to put the alleged court, fake judges, deceptive prosecutors, B.A.R. approved 'attorney liars,' and the statute itself on trial. We never lose." 

"Anyone (including ourselves) who would attempt to be their own lawyer and defend themselves in today's Militarized Tribunals, has a fool for a client."

"A license is legislative permission to do what is otherwise illegal. Is it illegal to transport yourself any way you see fit without gubermint thugs harassing you? Nope! We guarantee it in writing.  No license is required in most cases."

"Without Case Dismissed Guaranteed in your corner instructing you on how to defend your rights, there is no way to get a 'fair trial'  when the Polizia, D.A., fake judges, and BAR approved 'attorneys' (fake lawyers) are all paid by the complaining party (State of ? INC.)  
You can't!  Wake up 'Merika!' Get on board the Freedom Train! We'll show you how to defend all your constitutional and other rights.   -CDG

"BAR 'approved' attorneys and Polizia only know about  statutes and codes.  We help you enforce the law upon them.   You will win your dismissal case guaranteed in writing."   -CDG

"In court the fake judges and BAR 'approved' attorneys all speak legalese.  We try not to understand their perversity  . We'll speak Constituti-o which they do not understand and would need to learn. This causes problems FOR THEM!"   -CDG

"Your 'local hero' down the block , .........isn't !"  -CDG 

"If the Domestic Terrorists with badges swore to uphold the LAW , then why do they only enforce statutes and codes? They never swore to uphold statutes and codes against (C)itizens in their own country.  -CDG  

We probably don't agree with your opinions.  We'll die for your right to hold them.   -CDG 

"We're a nation of constitutional laws.
Not statutes and codes. 
Statutes and codes are not law.  

"Today's judges are not real judges at all!
They are BAR approved attorneys who hold high ranking in the Freemasonic community and were given the position by other fat cat attorneys . They are nothing but clowns in gowns with little or nothing to to do with honor."  -CDG 

"Don't let biased fake judges, judge you!"  -CDG 

"The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself."
-Benji Franklin

"We don't practice law or give any legal  advise. We will indeed give you our lawful opinion !  

"We don't speak legalese, we speak Constituti-0."

"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."

"We simply show you how to help yourself."

"We simply show you what you should have already known from high school!"   -CDG

"Freedom is not free!  .. It is inexpensive."  -CDG 

"Democracy is nothing more than mob rule of the other 49%! We live in a Constitutional Republic where the Constitution is the law  no matter what the government  Polizie  looking for benefits say or do!     -CDG 

"We'll show you how to defend your God given right  to party any way you see fit."  (until you actually deprive another of life, liberty or property.)  -CDG

"Are you Poliz or Ex-Polize?  Want to come clean and redeem your soul after all the damage you did to your fellow amerikuans while enforcing statutes and codes and lying in kkkourt to gain convictions?  Do you feel bad for the beatings and police misconduct you went along with to avoid waves for your retirement plans? Do you feel bad for training unarmed child killers ? If so...
Contact Us for details. We'll show you how to possibly save your blackened soul.  (No Guarantees!)   -CDG 

"We'll show you how to defend your right to simply be left alone by government enforcers (federalized domestic terrorists with badges A.K.A. Polizia) looking for advancement and retirement upon the backs of their countrymen."   -CDG

"We help you guard against the impostures of  pretended patriotism (police, fake judges, and alleged prosecutors) willing to falsely accuse their countrymen of constitutionally protected "crimes."      -CDG

Q: Most BAR attorneys want to know what happened in detail, why not C.D.G?
A: While We are interested in the particulars, they aren't really important to win the case dismissal.  We help you get the case dismissed on constitutional grounds.​ Your 'guilt' don't matter to Us unless it's a serious common law case charged statutorily. . 

Q: Are you hiring?
A: YES! We are always looking for associates to promote love and freedom aboard the Freedom Train. Training is free and no investment is ever needed. 

"Next time  the court demands blood money as 'restitution,' act confused. Tell the court and the Prosecutor that you don't understand. Please describe a dollar in writing."  Just like the courts, The "judge" and your Public Pretender the dollar is fake and unconstitutional.  It's "legal tender" but not "lawful money." ( More legalese perversion.)

"We help those who are willing to help themselves."

"They may have the legal authority now, but we hold the lawful authority."

"Let the Constitution be your defense."

"Information is not knowledge."
-Albert Einstein

"In questions of power, then let no more be heard about  confidence in men. We'll show you how to bind the courts, alleged prosecutors, fake judges, and fake lawyers down with the chains of the Constitution.   *We never lose!"
*If you do your part!

"Statutes and codes that forbid the carrying of arms disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes.  -T. Jefferson

Case Dismissed Guaranteed will show you how to crush the alleged prosecutor with constitutional facts. They'll  run for hills and dismiss."

"We're the guys who brought you proposition 215. We will help you defend your right to free medicine no matter what the enforcement thugs say or do."

"We are not a law firm and do not give legal advise to anyone. We are freedom fighters who only dole out lawful opinion  to our countrymen. 


"We laugh when we hear the people say
'They are going to declare Martial Law!'
You have been under Martial Law since the Civil War! It's time to wake up 'Merika!"

"To those who would trade freedom for safety, may you crouch down and lick the hand that you obey, and may our posterity forget that you were our countrymen. We won't help you."

"The decline of civilization is being led by cowardly men (with badges)  who are 'just doing their jobs?' as they kill and shoot Us for 2 week vacations and accolades from their fellow cohorts in crime. We intend to imprison those who deserve it. You know who you are, and so do We!"


"Unless you deprive another complaining human being of life, liberty or property, you haven't done anything wrong by our rules and our rules are the rule!"

"Get on-board the Freedom Train and we'll be your judge and your jury."
- CDG 

If the state of Kalifornistan Incorporated is the complaining party, how is a citizen supposed to call a fictitious entity to the stand to describe how it has been damaged? You can't!! Fictitious entities cannot sue living humans without your permission - Don't give them permission. Get on-board today and we'll show you how to stop the insanity.

"We ARE the Constitution 'Police!'  

Possible Jingle For Radio and T.V. Ads? 
Case Dismissed Guaranteed dot com!

Fake judges squirm  BAR prosecutors run!

"Nobody knows the law like Case Dismissed Guaranteed Lawyers know it. Get on board the Freedom Train or feel the statutory pain."

Q: What if I've already hired a lame BAR 'approved'  attorney?
A: That's your mistake. For a small fee, CDG will be happy to prove that your 'BAR approved' attorney, is unethical and does not have your best interests at heart. We will prove that he waives most of your rights. The ones we help you use to get case dismissal!

We have faith in our system of government.. its the B.A.R. 'attorneys  We've lost faith in.


Q: Why can't BAR 'approved' attorneys guarantee results in criminal cases?
A: Choosing the right lawyer or attorney to defend you against a pending criminal charge may be one of the most important decisions you'll ever need to make. Hiring an effective and honest lawyer is also very expensive and almost impossible to do. Most expensive goods and services are available with some sort of warranty, so why can't criminal defense attorneys guarantee results?
If you've shopped around, you've probably spoken to lowly BAR attorneys who made 'educated guesses' about what will happen in your case based on past experience with similar cases in the same jurisdiction. You may also have noticed that all of them are unwilling to guarantee that they'll get a criminal charge dismissed, even when they strongly believe it will happen. If you asked them for a guarantee, you probably heard "No licensed attorney can guarantee a particular result," that there are 'too many variables,' that 'every case is different' and so on.
Those statements are all true, but they are also in other areas of law, e.g., personal injury cases, where lawyers do offer guarantees. What's different about criminal law?   Contingent fees are forbidden in criminal cases by the BAR and the attorney would lose their MEAL TICKET to rip you off. A contingent fee is a fee that depends on a favorable result in a case. A simple example would be a lawyer promising to refund his fee if he doesn't succeed in getting a criminal case dismissed like We do.
California BAR 'approved' attorneys must follow the Rules of Professional Conduct which is not at all good for your case.

"An elective despotism is not the government we fought for."
-Thomas Jefferson

Q: What's wrong with hiring those unethical  BAR 'approved' attorneys?

A: A criminal defense attorney who claims that you will get 'special treatment' as their client because they have a 'special relationship' with the prosecutor is highly unethical conduct. It is much more likely that the attorney is lying to convince you to hire them. Chances are, that such an attorney will wait until later when you are no longer in a good position to hire a different lawyer to offer a pat excuse for failing to deliver and often charging more money!

Criminal BAR attorneys are unwilling to risk their 'BAR approval' (Meal Ticket) to obtain better results for their clients. You need to be able to trust that your lawyer is being honest with you if they say you have a good chance of winning at trial.  We guarantee your victory through Case Dismissal! They won't because they can't and won't defend all your rights.  !

Unethical, unconstitutional BAR approved attorneys always, always have hidden agendas, like getting you to pay an additional fee to try your case. Likewise, if your BAR attorney recommends that you accept a plea bargain offer, you need to be very confident that they aren't acting out of self-interest, such as avoiding the hard work and diligent preparation that may be necessary to get a better result or win the case! If We recommend a plea bargain, it will be because it's what best for everybody. God included.

In other words, there will probably come a time during representation  when, unbeknownst to you, your interests and those of your BAR 'approved' attorney are not at all aligned. When that happens, all BAR 'approved' attorneys will act in their own interest rather than yours. because they are the deceptive scum of the earth. 

Quote of the week for "Sworn?" 0ssifers!

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the blood -stream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same."  -Ronald Reagan

"The Founding Fathers never intended a nation where citizens would pay nearly half of everything they earn to the government."  -Ron Paul

Q: Do you offer discounts?
A1: Yes We run sales. If you have been busted by Vallejo "Polizia" or arrested in Sunnyvale Kalifornistan on gun charges we'll work at discount prices. 
A2: If busted by the child killers at R.I.Pedie of Richmond Kalifornistan, you'll receive a discount just to teach them Sgt. Major has his eye on them. 

A3: Most of our clients become associates and earn their Freedom Fee back X5 within two years. Some get rich because they treat it as their job to help others. Once people(s) understand We work in all 50 of these states united and they understand we pay 30% cash in an envelope. They start promoting freedom for a fee! Climb on board the Freedom Train today and secure your ongoing freedom

and financial independence. No "investment" needed. 

Q: Why should I hire Case Dismissed Guaranteed  if I get a 'free ride' with the public defender? 
A: You haven't been reading enough! BAR lie-wers will not defend all your rights nor will they guarantee dismissal or sign a contract like We do. They are bound by the BAR and are loyal to the tribunal not you !
A2: You get what you paid for. How did things work out last time you used the Public Pretender. Hmmmm? You were con-victed. 
A3: Public Pretenders are the lowest of the lowlife BAR 'approved' attorneys! Most are worthless and don't even know how to act in court. Many are fresh out of statute and code school (law school) and are total duf-I. Ask yours for their win record! Good luck, you'll need lots of it! 

East Bay: (510)-862-8822
SF Peninsula: (415)-412-8548
Email: info@casedismissedguaranteed.com
Hours are usually  12 pm to 8 pm & all lines are closed on Wednesdays

Q: Why can't BAR 'approved' attorneys guarantee results in criminal cases?
A: They are not allowed by the BAR and they would lose their 'meal ticket' to steal and scam for Federal Reserve Notes . 

Our Mascot Sergeant Major has his eye on you boys!

How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!" Samual Adams, letter to John Pitts, January 21, 1776


Q: Will you speak or appear for me at court sessions?

A: The lawyers at CDG will not represent you before the court because today's Military Style Tribunals  won't allow a REAL LAWYER to speak the truth  We'll give you instructions and training on how to stand up for your rights making it unnecessary for us to appear. If it is necessary, one of our ordained minsters will come hold your hand as your"spiritual council of choice."  

Q: How do I hire CDG?

A: You first fill out the application for consideration, then we will email you whether We'll  take your case or not as well as the pricing. After that, it is your job to get in contact with us over the phone so we can discuss your case. You will then sign a simple contract.  The contract is just like the Constitution in that it says what it means and means what it says. If your case qualifies for acceptance then you'll know the case can be dismissed for a constitutional reason. Unlike B.A.R. attorneys and today's Military Style Tribunals We never use legalese in our contracts. 

Q: Is there any exceptions?
A: Yes! If the penalty does not fit the crime (Mandatory Minimum) or if children will be left without parents or if you've previously sat in prison unjustly like on a drug case.  If so We take all that into consideration. 

Q:  Y'all claim Statutes and codes are not the LAW .  I think they are because I've been put in jail before on several occasions . How can you PROVE it ? 
A: this took 1 minute to look up. Here you go. Thanks for asking because this really needs to be up here!

"A 'statute' is not a Law," 
(Flournoy v. First Nat. Bank of Shreveport, 197 La. 1067, 3 So.2d 244, 248),

"A 'code' is not a Law,"
(In Re Self v Rhay Wn 2d 261), in point of fact in Law,) 
"A concurrent or 'joint resolution' of legislature is not 'Law',"
(Koenig v. Flynn, 258 N.Y. 292, 179 N. E. 705, 707;
Ward v State, 176 Okl. 368, 56 P.2d 136, 137; State ex rel.
Todd v. Yelle, 7 Wash.2d 443, 110 P.2d 162, 165).

We are The Constitution Police. (CPD) WE ARE LAW ENFORCEMENT!  

Polize enforce ONLY statutes and codes. 
Hope that helps you. There are many more so go look... 

R.I.Pedie. should be so proud !  Wallieee got a 2  week paid vacation for murder!   Others  now support him through silence.

We swear help to uphold ALL of your Constitutional rights.

But mostly your right to simply be left alone!  

"All might be free if they valued freedom, and defended it as they ought."

                                                 -Samuel Adams 

Q: What happens when you hire a regular BAR approved Scum Bag Attorney ? 
A: They will have you give them money. (F.R.N.s ) for an unspecified amount of work. They will have you sign a contract with vocabulary that you would need another attorney or lawyer to explain to you. In that contract, you will waive many of your constitutional rights and admit you are a legal idiot who is a like a child. A ward of the court!   The case is then between your 'attorney' and the Tribunal.  They'll only need you for the penality phase of your assured conviction. 

San Francisco office   415 412 8548

East Bay Berkeley       510 862 8822  info@casedismissedguaranteed.com 



"Those amerikuans who don't know must learn from real Americans who do."   -CDG 

"Says Who?   Says Us !   -CDG

"We can play by their rules, but they can't play by ours!


"Treat us good and we'll treat you better. Treat us bad and we'll treat you way worse." 
Operating Policy - DLO

"Our rules are the ones that really matter!  -CDG

"If I were the devil, I would place the Murderous Nazi Polizia (and their trainers ) right next to the (c)itizens they enforced upon for all eternity.  Together forever!  Justice served!    -CDG