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We swear help to uphold ALL of your Constitutional rights.

But mostly your right to simply be left alone!  

BEFORE you take the time to fill out this application ....

* Understand there are NO "B.A.R attorneys" at Case Dismissed Guaranteed!  

The idea is repulsive! If the B.A.R 'approved' attorney works in criminal statutes and codes or 'family law" they are automatically bad apples for standing silent and allowing their countrymen to be imprisoned for victim-less crimes via word, punctuation, CAPITALIZATION, or Citizenship scams.  The B.A.R attorney that does extensive contracts for us isn't a snake.  Only those B.A.R attorneys involved with criminal quote, 'law' are snakes. They are ALL snakes or they are totally incompetent and somewhat mentally incapacitated. Prosecutors often prosecute real bad guys,  that's their job!  Mostly they cause pain and suffering enforcing unconstitutional statues and codes to

​Application for Consideration

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collect their check and benefits. Attorneys involved in other areas of the "law' may or may not be snakes.  Let the buyer beware.  Read the contract before you sign it and ask what each word means! Unlike us, B.A.R Scum use legalese and words having different meanings than The King's English.  Even if the quote "law" is unconstitutional, a BAR attorney will not risk losing his meal ticket for you or your money.  

He'll take the money and never even bring up the constitution without ending his career.  He won't even help you if you demand to be protected by the constitution in writing. Let's talk about ourselves  .*We are NOT B.A.R attorneys.  We are 100% loyal to you.  Not the court.  We've never taken the statutes and codes test    (British Accredited Registry exam.)    We are Constitutional Lawyers with the expertise to have your case dismissed before a trial. Saving you time and money and a felony conviction.  If guns were illegally confiscated and they were statutorily owned by you, we'll get them back. We offer No Guarantees on the guns, but if you're not convicted you'll get them back in most cases. *If they 'comply' with the arbitrary D.O. injustice statutes and codes.   *Once again, we are LAWYERS, not B.A.R approved attorneys and this is why you will 'win' a dismissal. * If you want any legal advise you need to hire a B.A.R attorney.   We as Constitutional Lawyers, actually KNOW THE LAW 100% backward and forward. They know only statutes and codes and will always have to look it up to see what it says. *The only thing we can deliver is our Personal Lawful Opinion (P.L.O.) and a guarantee to get your case dismissed or your money back.  A BAR attorney is not allowed to give you a guarantee. They can't because of the B.A.R..  They can't because they don"t know what will happen.  We do. If we decide to take your case will be dismissed.  You'll be getting NO REFUNDS from Case Dismissed Guaranteed.  Some people ask "Aren't you practicing  law?"  Our answer is "NO!  We don't practice  anything!"  We simply inform you of your rights and how you're being scammed by the B.A.R attorneys known as 'prosecutors.'  We'll only help those who can help themselves. Only YOU can stand up for your rights. They cannot stand up for themselves. We just point them out for you. B.A.R approved attorneys involved with criminal 'law' never even pay attention to the constitution,. It doesn't matter under Martial Law. The attorneys call it statutory, quote 'law' wink, wink!  We can't find it anywhere in the constitution.

*Once again, if you want legal advise or legal representation, then bend over, spread your cheeks and call a British Accredited Registry  'attorney esquire" If it's getting your criminal case dismissed and walking free, then you want Case Dismissed Guaranteed, Our written guarantee and Our LAWFUL PERSONAL OPINIONS, and over *100 years of legal expertise.  *Combined 

"Times may change, We have changed, but Our position remains the same: “The Constitution. every issue, every time. no exceptions, no excuses.”

Do not lie on this application. Should we decide to assist  you, an extensive background check will be preformed. We will not help if we catch you in a lie.

The most common problem is omitting a serious felony conviction. 

"Let us be your judge and jury. We decide your fate, not the court. That's how good we are."

NEVER hire a Criminal Defense B.A.R. 'attorney' until you've talked to us first!  We "Guarantee" you'll be happy you did.

​Already hired a Criminal Defense B.A.R. attorney?   For a small fee we'll prove it's a Snake in The Grass.  Then We'll show you how to kick them to the curb.  

“Silence makes cowards out of the best of men” –Abraham Lincoln 
​”When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty”   -Thomas Jefferson

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